Monday, October 18, 2010

The Tenth Word: Beware Desire!

Beware Desire!

Finally, we come to the 10th Commandment! We might have hoped that this last Word would be less demanding, but if anything it is more so. We have seen something of a crescendo, a climax, as we have neared the end. From an attention to actions, we have moved to the realm of speech (false witness) and finally, now, to attitudes of the heart. From prohibitions against doing, we moved first to a Word against saying, and now to a commandment against even thinking about harming our neighbor. The terrain for the race has changed, and not for the easier. It as if we have left the flats, moved through the hill country, and are now cycling through the mountains. The final leg of the journey is uphill all the way to the finish line!

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